1. Pearl Harbor

From the recording pearl harbor 2020


Pearl Harbor

You were my very own Pearl Harbor
stopped me unaware
blew me out of the water
while I lay safe in my dark bedroom
you were coming at me from above

flying over the mountain
explode this volcano
now I lay dying
covered with the molten rock

How did you find me
my pearl harbor?
I felt safe on solitude island
banked by a basin full with remnants
of all but forgotten torments

while the war was brewing
spewing flames upon the water
that I cannot see through
‘cause the light is broken

Say, baby do not fear the hunger
tells you when it’s time to eat
and do not be afraid of the darkness
your bright eyes can penetrate

I found the treasure in this harbor
from a forgotten map
left by that last robber
who claimed my wealth
and spat upon it
but those flames refused to die

while my righteous halo
forms around this pain
do not flee this battle
it leads us to a better place

How did you find me my Pearl Harbor?
you caught me unaware
pulled me out of the water
while I flailed wildly in my ocean
you were coming at me from above...