Alpha Cat's Elizabeth McCullough on Music, Photography, Therapy, & 12 Years of Contemplating Suicide - Aug 1, 2020

Elizabeth McCullough records as Alpha Cat. But this show is about more than just her music. Elizabeth began her career in music as a photographer. She transitioned to recording artist in the late 90’s. But after a series of personal & professional setbacks, she suffered a breakdown while recording Alpha Cat’s second LP. The breakdown was so severe that she researched and contemplated suicide for twelve years while going to therapy. It was only after her therapist passed away that Elizabeth realized how much she had helped her. With that in mind, Alpha Cat is offering a recording of a live show for $2 from The proceeds are being donated to Bring Change To Mind & Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Follow Alpha Cat and us on IG. Pick upi Alpha Cat’s latest album on Bandcamp for a reduced price. Now let’s get right into the show with Elizabeth McCullough of Alpha Cat.