AUGUST 29, 2020 

From New York City emerging recording artist Alpha Cat unveils the visual for the compelling single “Thatched Roof Glass House”

JUNE 27, 2020 

Alpha Cat Live at Vox Pop, Brooklyn, NY July 21, 2005 is now set to premiere on Tuesday, June 30 on with a new accompanying interview with E. Track will be available on this website at midnight July 1. All proceeds for sales will be split equally between the Boris J. Henson Foundation and Bring Change to Mind, two mental health initiatives dedicated to helping destigmatize the seeking of, and access to mental health care for all…

New Album: Thatched Roof Glass House

"(Elizabeth McCullough of Alpha Cat has produced) the stunning Thatched Roof Glass House, with musical co-conspirators Fred Smith from Television as co-producer (on Black Hole), guitarist Doug Pettibone from the Lucinda Williams and John Mayer orbit, Reggie McBride (Stevie Wonder, Elton John) on bass and Jason Harrison Smith on drums, who has laid down the rhythmic foundation for such musical luminaries as Albert Lee, Kelly Sweet and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson. The musical results speak for themselves. The NYC punk-pop aesthetic shines through with attention and detail. The music is both poppy and underground performance art at the same time. It is also done with the confidence and shine of a woman who has lived life and faced hard times emotionally and physically. Young girls in the same musical fields usually have to manufacture such emotional musical content. Alpha Cat just opens her mouth and it pours (out) with an authority 23-year olds do not have the life experience to muster.."

Kay Kinta, BuzzFeed


Alpha Cat’s Elizabeth McCullough muses: “As a songwriter, I seem to have always been writing letters to my future self. Almost as a rule, each song that I have written doesn’t reveal it’s entire (?) meaning to me until sometimes years later, or upon hearing a listener’s perspective that I hadn’t thought of before they shared it. And of this song itself, even though I wrote it years ago, I didn’t truly understand the full meaning of the title until my decision to put this album out. I thought that Thatched Roof Glass House, which just came to me from the ether, by the way, was a catchy phrase, but I didn’t understand that the roof was thatched because it was in fact, archaic! 

So I can’t help but believe that the extraordinary situation in which we, as a global community, are now living is in fact the direct result of a large portion of humanity failing to love, respect and honor each other and our planet. We are all guilty of projecting our own faults onto others, rather than looking at ourselves. And I shouldn’t have to say it, but people who live in glass houses should unequivocally not throw stones...” 

CREDITS:  Written & arranged by Elizabeth McCullough / Produced by Elizabeth McCullough / Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Elizabeth McCullough / Electric Guitar: Doug Pettibone / Bass Guitar: Reggie McBride / Drums: Jason Harrison Smith / Co-Producers: Jason Harrison Smith and Jon Mattox / Engineered by Jon Mattox / Recorded at Bright Orange Studios, Reseda, CA / Mixed and Mastered by Brett (Cosmo) Thorngren