To all my friends and fans old and new: Quick update here: my back is doing way better, AND I’ve moved back to NYC! Also working on music for the next Alpha Cat record. We’ll see how it goes. As for Pedro, he has had to go on heart meds, but is tolerating them well and seems good, so that’s a blessing. I will try to get better about posting again, sorry ‘bout that!
xoxo, e.


Hey cats and kittens! (And of course puppies and dogs too!) 
The promo for Venus Smile ….retrograde has begun, which means the interviews and podcasts have started, and new reviews are coming in! The record is also now available for purchase on the website: www.alphacat.band/music. (Really the only way I can try to pay off this thing)! 
Thanks so much for following Alpha Cat! So appreciated!! 
xoxo, e. 

Check these out: 
The Watt from Pedro podcast: https://www.twfps.com/past-episodes/on-air-guest-alpha-cat-for-the-fourth-time-from-new-york-state-via-skype 

Interview with Sean St. Heart @ Citizens.am (KCAM Digital Radio): https://citizens.am/programs/profiles-in-music-10 

Interview with Thomas Murphy of Denver’s non-profit Queen City Sounds and Arts: https://queencitysoundsandart.wordpress.com/.../queen.../ 


Living Life Fearless (4.5 out of 5 stars):
Excerpt: Alpha Cat is an alt-rock Americana songstress who lives up to her name with the nonchalant confidence that oozes from her singing in her newest album, Venus Smile ….retrograde…The vocals’ gentle nonchalance, accentuated by a reverb-like, dragged out effect, infuses a distinctive stoner rock feel into the album, and together with the simple, catchy, melodic riffs and thoughtful lyrics makes for a very ’90s alternative rock recipe…Venus Smile ….retrograde is precisely what new albums with an old feel should sound like – new and old at the same time, rather than a mere rehash of a time that is a musical nostalgia goldmine. With tributes like that, the ’90s will never really get old. 

Celeb Mix: 
Excerpt: Highlights include “Orbit Rx,” which for some reason conjures up suggestions of Nirvana on the intro, followed by the entry of Alpha Cat’s beguiling, nuanced vocals, giving the lyrics hints of mysterious savors. Rolling and undulating, the feel and flow of this track are haunting and hypnotic…“All in Your Head Rx” rolls out on tight percussion gleaming, slightly lysergic guitars, topped by Alpha Cat’s enigmatic-flavored voice, at once pensive and polypharmic…Two Radio Edits, “Orbit Rx” and “All in Your Head Rx,” tie the EP off. Speaking subjectively, the two songs are the best tracks on the EP, with the psychedelic textures of “All in Your Head Rx” providing a phantastic motion, while “Orbit Rx” is vaguely reminiscent of Liz Phair…With Venus Smile… Retrograde, Alpha Cat delivers alluring washes of alt-pop and alt-rock, melded into expressive, contagious music. 

Wail Music Magazine: 
Excerpt: This album has poetic lyricism, and instrumentals from some well known artists. ..The overwhelming theme of “Venus Smile ….retrograde” is about how it is a broken heart that shows you what you’re made of. It is also a reflection of McCullough’s observation that the world has become too divided, too extreme, and also an overwhelming exhaustion that seeks, particularly in the song “Orbit (Rx)” a hopeful resolution and reconnection of these separations, and ultimately, hopefully, redemption." [Artist's Soundcloud bio] 
Be sure to listen to our favourite track on this album, "All in Your Head" which demonstrates catchy lyrics with a memorable melody. 

Enigma Online: 
Excerpt: Staying true to the ethos of her name, Alpha Cat’s newest album, Venus Smile ….retrograde, explores the dichotomy of intuition and power. This record addresses the divisions in society and asks for them to be healed by addressing our commonalities,” McCullough asserts. “It’s a hopeful resolution and reconnection to a world that has become too divided, too extreme. 

Radio Excalibur: 
Excerpt: "All In Your Head Rx” is an acknowledgment of the mind's power to either help or sabotage us. depending on whether one looks to the future or the past instead of living in the present.

newly remixed and mastered Venus Smile ....retrograde now up for sale on the music page!

Alpha Cat’s “Venus Smile ….retrograde” is the album that should have come out earlier this year, but because of singer and songwriter Elizabeth McCullough’s close friend and musical partner’s untimely passing, “Venus Smile” was rushed and really not ready. This record adds in all kinds of backing vocals, guitar, bass, and percussion that was originally meant to be on the first release. 

The overwhelming theme of “Venus Smile ….retrograde” is about how it is a broken heart that shows you what you’re made of.  It is also a reflection of McCullough’s observation that the world has become too divided, too extreme, and also an overwhelming exhaustion that seeks, particularly in the song “Orbit (Rx)” a hopeful resolution and reconnection of these separations, and ultimately, hopefully, redemption. 

The first single “All In Your Head” is an attempt to look at how to deal with all the muck our minds can carry, as well as acknowledgement of the power of the mind to either help us or sabotage us; depending on whether one is looking toward the future or the past rather than living in the present. 

This record’s musicians include: Elizabeth McCullough, singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar, geniuses guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer) and bassist Reggie McBride (From Stevie Wonder and Parliament Funkadelic, to Elton John,) the brilliant drummer Jason Harrison Smith, Manuel Quintana on percussion, Jane Scarpantoni on cello (REM, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.) and Murphy Bug on backing vocals and additional guitar and bass. 


Kinda blown away by this one, but super happy they gave these amazing musicians credit!!
From Radio Airplay:
"Song: Orbit 

Overall Impression:   "Orbit" is a riveting new release from singer/songwriter Elizabeth McCullough, who records and performs under the name Alpha Cat. The third track on the long awaited album Venus Smile finds McCullough's captivating, folk-tinged vocals accompanied by Doug Pettibone's carefully arranged guitars, ranging from rootsy, jangling hooks to experimental ambient sounds. Industry veterans Reggie McBride (bass) and Jason Harrison Smith (drums) make ups the rhythm section here, providing a solid foundation on this mid tempo alt-rock number. McCullough's thoughtfully poetic lyrics conjure up wondrous cosmic imagery that's reflected in the music, employing clever astrophysical metaphors to convey the infinite sadness and spatial yearning that's sure to resonate with listeners on any number of levels. Alternative singer/songwriter and indie rock fans in particular should absolutely check out Alpha Cat's "Orbit" as well as the rest of Venus Smile, now available on all major streaming music platforms. 

Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, excellent mix. Good tonal balance. Great intro and outro, frames the track nicely and sets the spacey atmosphere. Guitars sound fantastic, wonderful tonal variety and use of color. Drums and bass work together perfectly, great steady rock groove. Vocal sounds phenomenal, really shows off your range and control of your instrument with stirring dynamics. Brilliant songwriting; deep, heady prose that's somehow both joyous and maudlin, set to a truly compelling and unique melody. At almost six minutes, it's a very satisfying listening experience from top to bottom, should keep audiences engaged and will leave them with something to think about. All in all, it's a remarkable track, very well constructed and fully-realized. Stellar work by everyone involved! 

Target Audience Appeal:   Fans of Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Adult Alternative, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock 

Artist target suggestions:   Aimee Mann, St. Vincent, Halsey, Pretenders, The Head and the Heart, Dido, Rilo Kelly, Lucinda Williams, Alanis Morissette, Heather Maloney, HAIM, Laura Veirs, Florence + the Machine, Heather Nova, Angel Olsen, Joan as Policewoman, Beth Orton, Kate Bush, Feist, Cat Power, Neko Case, Patti Smith, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell"

About The Reviewer:   Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre, from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers



Hey all, 
There’s been a lot going on lately, and I try not to deluge you all with emails, but figured it was time for an update, especially since I’m doing a live interview tonight on WUSB (of Stonybrook, NY) with Finn Miller of Finn’s Revolution. Also over the past weekend, Wichita got added to three Spotify playlists, and Orbit to one, called “Songs of the 90’s” which I love, but is also a bit curious, considering the song just came out (?) But so far all worth an extended listen, and I’ve already listened to hours of them. Also got the song Venus Smile picked up by a TikTok influencer, but no idea yet when that will post or how it will do? Fingers crossed on that one! And I’d really like to thank the new subscribers, and very much so those who continue to stick out this wild ride with me! I’ll list all the links below, of course starting with tonight’s interview. 
As always, xoxo, e. 

Finn’s Revolution w/Finn Miller Live Interview tonight: https://www.wusb.fm/node/11 

Soundcloud UK’s Glastonbury Special:https://www.mixcloud.com/TheSoundLabUK/the-sound-lab-glastonbury-festival-special-2022/?fbclid=IwAR2gA0cUXoScD9xWb730z0NGnL0SNkrCrc-P23V9ra39t7CQgnYICkiT8Uk 

Rising Star Underground Interview: https://rsu-radio.com/2022/07/16/risur-interview-with-alpha-cat/ 

Americana Dream: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/71mDnzXIG5iYpo2pa4zxjt 

Hammock Time: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3cAPrufgI9TPNIzzqwHJ7N?si=3ed35e4101104334&nd=1 

Chill Tape: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/56ggkqCTYCRWbV6ZdZRUVT?si=ih1xVttBTJya0xvefJA09Q&nd=1 

Indie/Folk/Pop Compilation: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3F4Ij79qEsFyPXt8QHLbj7 

90s Hits - Songs of the 90s: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2yu3570niTctbe634jky7j


Yay, finally!!! And today is the last day to buy it on sale from the website, or at least until I’ve had my coffee tomorrow, LOL! 
Thanks again to all you supporters, I appreciate you more than you will ever know! And this record is dedicated to my late, dear friend and collaborator Brett Thorngren, without whom it simply would never have existed at all. I miss you Brett!
xoxo, e.

june 20,2022

I love, love, LOVE, that @PunkNews.org is premiering the new record Tuesday at noon EDT, thanks to @John Gentile) Since I guess I’ve always been a punk at heart this makes me SO happy!!! The EP is now up at a discount on the Alpha Cat music page on today thru the 24th, the official release date, only for you followers and fans. Extra thanks to you!


june 9,2022

I am so happy to announce that @Kid Anansi is performing at the sold-out Glastonbury Fest UK on June 24!
Kid Anansi Website: https://kidanansi.bandzoogle.com

Poster art is by Scott Tyrell. https://scotttyrrelldesign.com/

May 29,2022


Super grateful for the fully community supported Chat and Spin Radio for having me back! Interview is at 11:40 AM EDT on Tues, May 31st. Hopefully this time it will record, and be posted shortly afterward. Great mix of music, and the super sweet Ron Clark will be interviewing me. Hope U check it out! And if you can give them even a small donation, even better!

April 19, 2022

Orbit Single available tomorrow!!!


April 7, 2022


Finally!! The exclusive premiere of the Alpha Cat video for the new single Orbit is tomorrow, April 8, 2022 at 7 AM EDT on The Big Takeover. Hooray! This video literally took 8 months of collaboration between me and Mick Finn (@kukikoori and @gamma_lit) to make, cause I wanted the meaning of the song to be as diverse as the way it revealed its meaning to me over the last year. So thanks to Mick for hanging in there, and unbelievable gratitude to the brave photojournalist in Afghanistan for allowing me to use their footage for (after my showing them what I was trying to do) for free. Incredibly generous of them. I really hope you all like it as much as I do, ha, ha!  
xoxo, e.  




“Opposition is actually the natural prerequisite for union. As a result of opposition, a need to bridge it arises.”  ~ Confucious (The I Ching or Book of Changes: Richard Wilhelm translation) 

“What is it you want to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver 

Aren’t the events happening around us simply metaphors for what is going on inside us? And are we not now a global community connected by technology? I believe that all of this separation can be seen as but an illusion, meant to be dispelled and healed. 

I wrote the first part this song at the end of a long, isolated winter, the year after my father died of early Alzheimers. I hadn’t written in a while, and I just woke up one day and wrote the first two verses, chorus, and the beat. 

When I first heard Brett Thorngren’s mix of Orbit, it hit me hard. Of course it was about a romantic interest from whom I had been separated! 

So after a year or more of the pandemic, vaxxed and ready to tackle my bucket list: one of the most important: to go to Pearl Harbor, from which I had written a song, and an album, and had always wanted to see, but didn’t feel was possible. I made it happen. But after that, which can best be described as a “pilgrimage,” another level of meaning to this song hit me. Because I realized that this song was recorded at a time when I was literally in the middle of a breakdown, that when I was finishing writing and recording it, I was actually separating from - myself. What followed that time was a long period of extreme depression and inactivity. But I did reconnect, finally, in 2019, and began putting out music again. And I still have no memory of writing the rest of the song, and certainly not of recording it… 

Yet one more trip / quest,: to Key West, most importantly, to the Ernest Hemingway house, (his writing being possibly one of the most significant influence on my own; the ruthless editing, a reduction of the narrative to its most salient points) I understood the song on yet another, and I believe the most important level, that it was ultimately a song about healing the separations on this planet. And though I am the guinea pig - the model for this narrative, make no mistake, as I had realized long ago, the more personal the piece, the more universal it becomes.



Hey all, Thanks so much for sticking with me through these difficult times. But the Venus Smile EP promotion is now well underway, with a video premiere at 7 AM April 8, and single release of the song Orbit on the 11th. I will be posting about the premiere a few times before the date, but you can find The Big Takeover link below. They’re pretty great, and I am really happy that they have chosen to premiere their second Alpha Cat video! 
Cheers, e. 




Hey everyone, 
I’m so sorry for the extended break, but I must acknowledge the sudden and tragic loss of my closest friend and musical partner, Brett Thorngren. What he did for me and my music was and is unforgettable and irreplaceable as a mixing and mastering genius, and his support and love, always unwavering and unconditional. I miss him more than I could ever express. So it’s been quite a long grieving process, but it’s time to get back to work. 

So I want to acknowledge the wonderful sites and people who have put the <span style="color:#e74c3c;">Venus Smile</span> single on their playlists, and I know it’s a long time coming, but better late than never, right? 
First off, cheers to Pete Saxer for featuring “Venus Smile” first, just playing the single on Episode #39, and now as a Reverbnation winner on <span style="color:#e74c3c;">Revenge FM’s UK @UnknownSounds Show!!</span> You can listen live at 6 PM UK time, on Mixcloud  and you can ask Alexa to "Play Revenge FM" anytime… 

Next up: <span style="color:#e74c3c;">The Cats Pajamas</span> (ha, ha, cats!) Thanks so much to Surrey Hills Community Radio UK! Check them out! 

And finally, thanks so much to Eclectic Storm Radio UK for featuring the Venus Smile single in Episode 39!! This means a lot!! 

Thanks to everyone for their patience, xoxo, e.

Update on New Music and Video coming soon... 

Hey everyone, 
I just want to update my true supporters. The loss of my dearest friend and collaborator has gone beyond grief and morphed into severe PTSD and depression. The good news is, I am getting help. 
But I feel the need to warn any of you who might be struggling. It is my (longtime) experience that any health-caregiver in general, especially those in mental health, if they don’t take insurance, they are not in it for the right reasons. They only care about the check. A vey large check indeed. 
Proof in the pudding is my losing 13 YEARS OF MY LIFE, largely because of these people who pretended to be helpful, yet all the while knowing the details of how and why I got where I did, NEVER ONCE mentioning the one thing that could have helped. If they had done this for for me, maybe I would have lost a year or two, but not THIRTEEN. Upon this realization, their ignorance, negligence, and lack of caring continues to astound me. 

I am trying to keep moving forward despite all this, and am close to finishing a video collaboration for the next single, “Orbit,” with the wonderful animator/video producer Michael (Mick) Finn of New Zealand: @gamma_lit. Quite a trip working with someone who is not speaking to you in the same day! Talk about back to the future! 
But it is now looking amazing, so I am hopeful that it will be premiered and released in early 2022. 
xoxo, e.

July 24, 2021  
Brand new Alpha Cat - Venus Smile video is now public! 

And the song is available on the music page to stream and download...  
Please like, share and subscribe if you haven’t already! I can’t go into it now, but this would REALLY help right now, so THANKS AGAIN!! And thank the universe for Nick Donatelli for helping to translate my vision for this video into something real, and I think quite brilliantly!  
Venus Smile Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5T67O2t9hc

June 28, 2021:

Aquamarine label mate Jamal Hassan, aka Kid Anansi won a BAFTA!!!! and my interview with “Scotch and Good Conversation” is now online!  

First, Jamal! On June 6 (I know, this is a little late) was part of a poetry program on Sky Network, “Life and Rhymes" which won for BEST ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM!!! It beat out such mainstays as “Dancing with the Stars” in its first season! Jamal performed poetry he has written in two of the episodes, as well as helped hook up the Producer Isaac Nartey, with several of the other poets featured in the program. It took ME a while to hear about it, since Jamal spent a good a good bit of time partying before he thought to inform me, LOL!  

And an interview I actually did in February went up June 10 on “Scotch and Good Conversation” but I had lost control of my Instagram and still haven’t gotten it back!) so thus the delay in my posting - since I wanted to post it on all platforms at once. And I remember it being more than  “GOOD” conversation, but a really, really fun and enlightening one! Peter is truly a joy to speak with!  

So you all are the first I’m telling about this stuff.  
Please check out both Jamal / Kid Anansi as well as “Scotch and Good Conversation” and like and share - always, if you do that is! And thanks!!!




Spin.com review just went up, and in AMAZING company!!

Hey all! 
Spin.com’s Ron Hart reviews Pearl Harbor 2020, and WOW, nearly speechless at being included in such great company as The Who, John Lennon, Teena Marie, Fleetwood Mac, L7, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, and OMG, Richard Pryor! I cannot thank Mr. Hart enough for even considering this record for review! 
Now I have to go buy and listen to ALL of these!!! 
The only issue I have with this review is that he fails to mention the band (!) Angela Babin, Lori Bingel, and Derek Dragotis, without whose unique contributions, and two years of gigging and recording, as well as all the other contributors who played their parts, this album would never have been made. So thanks to all of you!!!



Video Premiere of (Something having to do with...) Spring on Punknews.org

HUGE thanks to John Gentile for making such an unusual choice to premiere mine and Mike Shapiro’s tender and vulnerable video for PH 2020s (Something having to do with…) Spring” on a punk site!! Super grateful!!! 
Ride the infinite merry-go-round or find balance on the seesaw? The mourning dove carries the dandelion seed - the wish for love, and peace, which ignites the match, its own spark. To take the leap of an innocent fool who must trust the unknown, a faith obscured in the shadows of the past, by following the Divine feminine, the intuition, into the pureness of your own heart. 
You can love someone to infinity, but it will never be enough to make them love themselves. You can only show them by example… 

This may be the only pure, innocent love song I have ever recorded! A story that in real life didn't exactly end well, but with the help of the brilliant animator Mike Shapiro (@shapimation) I feel together we captured the essence of a journey through the challenges of our past lives to a place where difficulties are resolved, oppositions are bridged, and ghosts are banished. And at the end is the lotus flower, which grows from the mud to fulfill the promise of its beauty; the Ace of Cups in the tarot, the beginning, the seed, of pure unconditional love. 

A song written very early in my songwriting and recording life, this was recorded onto 4-track cassette and then the stereo cassette mix was mastered by my genius collaborative partner Brett Thorngren. Recorded sometime between 1993-1994, I remember that Jonathan Doyle played the echo guitar, and I did the rest... 

So much thanks to you all for following all this mess! 

xoxo, e.

May 7, 2021

My interview with Mike watt's "Watt from Pedro show" is up today

Mike Watt, legendary (widely considered “one of the greatest bassists on the planet.” CMJ New Music) bass player and co-founder of the Minutemen, also of Big Walnuts Yonder, and 10 year player with the Stooges, has been producing his podcast for a while, and it’s a great one! 


He not only allowed me to muse freely on this past year’s transformation, but encouraged it! The interview is sandwiched between a lot of great music, and I am honored that he has given me the opportunity to speak with him not once, but twice! All of his shows are a great listen, so please go and listen to this one, and subscribe! Thanks Mike!!!



I want to thank Marc Shea at Performance Anxiety profusely, for allowing the spotlight to shine on my new Aquamarine Records signee, Jamal Hassan aka Kid Anansi. This is really more Jamal’s interview than mine, and will give you an idea of how funny and brilliant he is! I am proud to have him on the label! Oh, and I talk about pearl harbor 2020 as well… 

Hey everyone! 
Coming up this Tuesday the 23rd I will be doing a live interview with John McQuaid of UK station Cofton Radio - if you're up at 4:50 PM EDT (or 20:50 UK) and feel like tuning in, here's the link: https://www.coftonradio.co.uk/  I couldn't get the live stream to work on my computer, but that's probably because I have 10,000 files and browser windows open (only a slight exxageration...)


I must admit, this review truly blew me away - and came at the exact right time for me, as I had just come through dealing with a month long series of bureaucratic, legal, and personal nightmares! Dave Cantrell’s eloquent and extremely generous review of ph 2020 showed me that he GOT IT. Of course, being reviewed at once with a singer-songwriter I had not yet heard of, (but felt instant kinship with due to our apparently mutual love of the ellipse) I had to listen to her record twice, once without, and once with lyrics in front of me, before posting about this review. Arrica Rose and the …’s “Technicolour Blue” contains amazing lyrics, as in “Oh Jennifer’s “You wear indifference like a silver spoon…How quietly you can break your own heart.” But I have to say that her brilliant mind-meld (link in the review) of “Once in a Lullaby (Over the Rainbow For What It’s Worth Ohio)” is definitely my favorite. It perfectly describes how I feel about where we are now: a combination of hope with an understanding of our responsibility to work toward achieving the potential of that promise… 

But I still can’t figure out who Sandy is? 


This is the interview that was originally meant to be live, but due to technical difficulties (seriously now!) just went up. I really want to thank Finn Miller of Finn’s Revolution and WUSB Radio for his great support of the music on pearl harbor 2020, and well as his kind patience with my ramblings. No idea how he edited it all down, because it could not have been easy! Check it out here if you dare: https://audioboom.com/.../7814899-alpha-cat-s-elizabeth...

Thanks! e.

pearl harbor 2020 available now on music page! 

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one... Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." Albert Einstein 

All CD sales include both digital and lyric/credits download...


Hey Everyone, My interview with Andrew Daly of Vinyl Writer Music is now online! Vinyl Writer Music is dedicated to providing passionate music journalism by music addicts, for music addicts featuring countless interviews with artists and key individuals in the music industry, as well as many interesting and unique guest columns. Go dig in!  

Upon further convo with Andrew, I discovered that he is a fellow Aquarian! A quote from him - when I asked him if he had a “hard” deadline - since it was a written interview.)  
“The best part of founding my own website, is I make the deadlines lol. I'd rather it be awesome than quick… I try and be very in depth. If you're willing to give me your time, the least I can do is give your work my full attention. I also want the readers to have a full and clear picture of the artists, so they can really get a hold on your work. At the end of the day, if I am not showcasing the artists, then it’s merely self-serving. I just can't do that.”  
Me: A perfect Aquarian answer!

JANUARY 18, 2021 

Today is Pedro’s official birthday. Made up like today’s MLK Day, as Dr. King’s actual birthday was January 15. Pedro’s birthday was made up for an entirely different reason: because he spent a year on the streets of NYC before he found his way to the shelter where I found him. A year old, likely to be euthanized because of it, with his jaw wired from having been hit by a car, and a respiratory disease. So having gone looking for a kitten, instead there was Pedro, damaged just like me. And when they put us in the “getting acquainted” room and I got him in my arms, he instantly head butted me. And it’s a corny quote of a cheesy line, but he had me at hello. I couldn’t take him home for weeks because he had to be fully recovered first, so I would walk over to the east side every few days to visit him - that’s how in love I was! The day I took him home, a little over a month after my first stay in the nuthouse for suicidal depression, it was the happiest day I had had in a LONG time. And while my family disapproved of my getting a cat, thinking it was too much for me to handle, my doctors saw it as a good sign: a commitment to living.  

Now when I think about the fact that he came onto this planet just as I was in LA trying to make a record - even as I was falling apart, I can’t help but think that he came here for me! His beautiful soul knowing I was going to need him. BADLY. And he was one of thse few who helped keep me alive when that was the last thing I thought I wanted. He brought me joy. He brought me the closest thing to peace that was possible during those years. And he gave me comfort and love. And he helped see me to the place of healing I’ve finally found. I thank the universe every day for him!  

So this little video is from a day that had been more than usually stressful. When my friend William called and I told him about my day, he said “well you seem pretty Zen now?” And I sent him this photo and said, “with this cat in my lap, purring, staring into my eyes with love and adoration, how could I NOT be Zen?”  

So Happy Birthday Pedro! Thanks for 13 years of companionship and love. You saw me through the darkest years of my life, and you mean the world to me!  

(Full disclosure: the purring is actually Fiona. I recorded her yesterday Am when SHE was in my lap, because I really wanted the full effect with this Pedro pic)


DECEMBER 16, 2020   

The December Relix Magazine is up, and Alpha Cat is on it!

 Brett Thorngren’s totally new master of “Something of Value” from our upcoming release: pearl harbor 2020, is track #5 (my lucky number!) on the winter edition of Relix magazine’s CD sampler and Spotify playlist! Please check it out, and share if you are so inclined.   
Spotify playlist: https://bit.ly/RelixPlaylistDEC20 

DECEMBER 5, 2020

pearl harbor 2020 will be available for pre-order from now until February 16, 2021, at the discounted price of 11 bucks for either digital downloads or CD, which includes an instant download of Brett Thorngren's new master of the title song! And if you order the CD, which has new and original artwork and lyrics for the original 13 songs, you will receive the digital version for free, and lyrics for the two new/old songs as well!

AUGUST 29, 2020 

From illustrator3music.com: New York City emerging recording artist Alpha Cat unveils the visual for the compelling single “Thatched Roof Glass House”

JUNE 27, 2020 

Alpha Cat Live at Vox Pop, Brooklyn, NY July 21, 2005 is now set to premiere on Tuesday, June 30 on PopMatters.com with a new accompanying interview with E. Track will be available on this website at midnight July 1. All proceeds for sales will be split equally between the Boris J. Henson Foundation and Bring Change to Mind, two mental health initiatives dedicated to helping destigmatize the seeking of, and access to mental health care for all…