I must admit, this review truly blew me away - and came at the exact right time for me, as I had just come through dealing with a month long series of bureaucratic, legal, and personal nightmares! Dave Cantrell’s eloquent and extremely generous review of ph 2020 showed me that he GOT IT. Of course, being reviewed at once with a singer-songwriter I had not yet heard of, (but felt instant kinship with due to our apparently mutual love of the ellipse) I had to listen to her record twice, once without, and once with lyrics in front of me, before posting about this review. Arrica Rose and the …’s “Technicolour Blue” contains amazing lyrics, as in “Oh Jennifer’s “You wear indifference like a silver spoon…How quietly you can break your own heart.” But I have to say that her brilliant mind-meld (link in the review) of “Once in a Lullaby (Over the Rainbow For What It’s Worth Ohio)” is definitely my favorite. It perfectly describes how I feel about where we are now: a combination of hope with an understanding of our responsibility to work toward achieving the potential of that promise…  

But I still can’t figure out who Sandy is? 

Got a beautiful review by Jim Testa for last night, so I really want to thank him!!! 

(But I feel the need to provide a bit of a disclaimer, with an intent tube  honest and transparent - a lot of the facts are wrong, the lyric that is quoted is actually “right now Brooklyn seems a million miles away” and the title of “Monsters” is actually “Monsters (You can’t do it)” I guess this makes me a bit of an anal retentive regarding truth, and especially my lyrics and titles. I do not just throw things on the page - I edited and thought this shit all the way out, and it means something to me!)