Real Boy: Alpha Cat ~ Label: Blindside Records (1999)

Pearl Harbor: Alpha Cat ~ Label: Aquamarine Records (2001) 

Buzzlighter Number Four: Sharp Cuts - Various Artists ~ Label: SHUT EYE RECORDS (2003)  Song: Alpha Cat: Venus Smile 

Hurry Home Early - The Songs of Warren Zevon - Various Artists ~ Label: Wampus Multimedia (2005) Song: Alpha Cat: Reconsider Me 

Females On Fire - Various Artists ~  Label: Warrior Music Girl (2005) - Alpha Cat: Wichita

Thatched Roof Glass House: Alpha Cat ~ Label: Aquamarine Records (2019) 

Swimming - Directed by Robert J. Siegel, Starring Lauren Ambrose (2000) ~ Song: Alpha Cat: Water Tower 

Young, Single & Angry - Various Artists ~ Label: Bright Orange Records (2006) Song: Alpha Cat - Every Day You Break My Heart