From the recording Thatched Roof Glass House

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Thatched Roof Glass House

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Offbeat love song


Thatched Roof Glass House

I didn't want to write a song about you
I felt that somehow you were fundamentally different
you got me topped off, spun out
not knowing if I'm in or out
but with your hand on the gear
I feel we're moving in the proper direction

I couldn't say what I was made of
until I looked at you and saw myself in your eyes
forget that cracked pot, saddle sore
we're gonna work this horse some more
we'll sit this pony till it reaches the next town

Can't say I need more possessions
but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more of you
don't have to give up our freedom
but I think it's all becoming clear
‘cause when I say I'll be right back
you say I'll be right here

If I'm a sailor you're an anchor, baby
I show you how to float the waves
you show me how to stay in one place
knock down that thatched roof glass house
build a domicile that's quake-proof
to free us from this prison
takes a stone thrown through our window walls